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After we provide you with a business domain name and website hosting, we can then also provide you with a domain email address.

If for example, your domain name was “” your email address would be something like “” where you would choose what you wish to replace the “name” with whatever you like.

You are provided with a storage capacity of 25GB which is more than sufficient for most of our clients but should you require a higher limit, say of up to 50GB, there would only be a small cost.

Should you wish to have an additional domain email addresses, this is possible, again for a small cost, each email account would have the same 25GB storage capacity.

Also should you wish we can redirect any incoming emails to your domain email address or to any email address of your choice.

We can also provide you with a domain email address without you having a website, press HERE for more details.

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If you would like us to design for you a professional business website, give you a domain name, give you a domain Email address and secure your website with an SSL Certificate, then get in touch with us by your preferred method by selecting one of the buttons below.

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Website Pages

Low Cost  Website Design is for Small businesses only. A higher fee for larger businesses.  After your website is completed we will give you Trial Web Hosting for 1 months so you will get 13 month’s service for the price of 12 months plus a domain email account and SSL Security for the  1 month Trial period with any web hosting agreement.

£7.80 domain fee applies to domains ending in “” or “” and some others - request details.

A word of caution to our Clients using our Website Design Service - UKWebb will design your website to your requirements but the content, that is both images and text, used in the Website is legally the responsibility of the Client and/or the Registrant of the domain name used.  You should read and view the website content very carefully and ensure that such content is not copied without the usual consents. Any individual “Content” in the Website remains the property of the Client and/or the owner of the domain name and shall not be copied or used without such consent being obtained.

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