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Finding a Domain Name?

If you would like us to design your £35* Website, the first thing we do is to find the right domain name for your business.

There are so many domain names with different endings, like “”, “”, “.com”, “.net” etc.

We will search the Domain Names Registries and try and find the most suitable name for you.

We will then register it for you, in your name, so that it remains your property for at least 12 months and will continue to be your property if you choose to renew it.

A domain name is important for your business, but try and keep it as short as you are able whilst still keeping the title of your business.  The shorter it is the less likely for a viewer to mis-type it when entering it into their browser.

Should you decide to purchase the same domain name with different endings, then we can still point the second domain name to your single website, so whichever is used it will still find your website

Your “” domain will cost £5.80** and it will last for 12 months and will be registered to you.

Should you wish to have any additional domain names or ones with a different ending, we will purchase those for you.

At expiry we will remind you and you can pay us to renew it for you should you wish.

If you would like to see if your preferred domain name is available then enter it in the box, send to us and we will let you know what is available.

If you would like us to design for you a professional business website, get a domain name for you, give you a domain Email address and secure your website with an SSL Certificate, then get in touch with us by your preferred method by selecting one of the buttons below.

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* £35 Website Design is available to new customers who are small businesses who operate their business from their home address or small business premises, higher fees apply to larger organisations.

** Other domains are available at this price - call us about the cost of the large range of domain names.