I already have a domain &/or website, can I transfer it all to UKWebb?

If you currently have a domain name and/or a website and you would like us to look after the domain and redesign your website, you can ask us to review this.  Please select the button below, complete our Webform, submit it to us and we will then contact you to discuss the procedures involved, design your new website and assist you to begin the transfer.

REMEMBER, after you have chosen your

domain name, hosting plan and we have completed your website

we give you one month’s free web hosting including an email account and SSL

for the free period

Transfer Request

We are specialists in designing websites since 2015 for small businesses including those who operate their business from their home and our design service is a standard rate of £35*, no VAT or other charges.

You may not have the time, experience or ability to design and build a website for your business but we can and then we look after and update it as your business services and products change over time, see hosting plans for full details.

Let us build something for you in 2023 we will both be proud of!

When your website is ready for the Internet we give you the first month’s hosting, email account and SSL free of charge with any Hosting Plan.

How do I get a Domain & Website etc ?

Just give us a call and provide us with answers to the following four questions -

Call us on: 07964 62 88 33 or

            07741 59 81 62

      Email: hello@ukwebb.com

If you prefer to contact us via our WebForm

Our Web Hosting - let us host yours from £38.00 p.a.

When your free hosting period expires your new hosting plan is ready to kick in to keep your website on the Internet for a full twelve months. Choose a Hosting Plan to suit your business >

Email - let us give you yours free with a Hosting Plan Website Security - with SSL for £15 p.a.
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UKWebb -  Website Design, Hosting & Domains

Main Office - Essex

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07964 62 88 33

07741 59 81 62

Website Usage Terms

*  £35 Website Design is for Small businesses only. A higher fee for larger businesses.  After your website is completed we will give you Trial Web      Hosting for 1 months so you will get 13 month’s service for the price of 12 months and SSL Security for the  1 month Trial period.

**£7.80 domain fee applies to domains ending in “co.uk” or “org.uk” and some others - request details.

A word of caution to our Clients using our £35 Website Design Service - UKWebb will design your website to your requirements but the content, that is both images and text, used in the Website is legally the responsibility of the Client and/or the Registrant of the domain name used.  You should read and view the website content very carefully and ensure that such content is not copied without the usual consents. Any individual “Content” in the Website remains the property of the Client and/or the owner of the domain name and shall not be copied or used without such consent being obtained.

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A Domain Name - let us get yours from £7.80**

There are so many domain names so just let us know what your preferred domain name is and UKWebb will see if we can secure and register it in your name once we have your confirmation.

We will design your website - for £35*

UKWebb will design you a professional website for your business for £35 and when it’s finished, you just choose a hosting plan and. we will start you off by giving you the first month for free along with an email address and SSL website security for the free period.

UKWebb provides you with a complete web service right from help with choosing a domain name for your business and buying it for you, then designing your website, providing you with hosting for your website, a domain email address and SSL Security for your website.

You can select below the individual services to read more information.


UKWebb - The No. 1 Website Designers, Web Hosting, Email & SSL for Small Businesses

UKWebb are a community not for profit organisation

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07964 62 88 33

or 07741 59 81 62

Monday thru Friday 0900-1700

Domains Website

When you purchase a Domain Name and select a Hosting Plan, UKWebb will give  give you a domain Email Account free up to 25GB. storage.

When your website and Hosting Plan begins you can add website security for £15.00  Having a secure website, shown in a web browser by a locked padlock, will help with your customer’s confidence and search engine rankings.

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